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【Ready for Sale】9分割+重ね画像カメラ (9 cells camera)


Has been submitted to the Apple camera app which I made as a work in creating escape games. Is unknown whether the time when the public image because there is time it would take to apply for the camera app, it is anxiety.

写真 2014-06-10 21 55 11



★ recent examination has come to pass through smoothly. I stumbled a little in the metadata, but it is complete examination immediately corrected. It is thankfully the number of app itself anyway? Will’s has decreased.

9 cells camera

【Ready for Sale】脱出サスペンスその1 「浴室」 -Escapeno1 Bathroom

It is pending in Apple escape games. Will be published on June 15th hopefully

It was published at the same time as the examination start thankfully.(2014/06/04)

App store

【Ready for Sale】ターゲットウォーキング – Target walking



I made. New application target walking.
Establishment of target and press the button. Because I supplemented with GPS then, and walk up to the target point of fact.

アップストアでダウンロード(DOWNLOAD in App store)(無料です。)

紹介サイト(Promotion site)